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The Berry Nutty Yogurt Parfait



¼ cup low-sugar granola*
2 tbsp. crushed walnuts
⅔ cup plain or vanilla Greek or Skyr yogurt**
½ cup mixed berries
1 tsp. raw, unfiltered honey

*We used Purely Elizabeth’s Original Grain Gluten-Free Granola

**We used Siggi’s plain 4% yogurt.


In a mason jar or serving bowl, add 1 tbsp. of granola & ½ tsp. of honey.
Top with ⅓ cup yogurt.
Then sprinkle 1 tbsp. of walnuts, ¼ cup berries and 1 tbsp. Granola.
Layer once more with yogurt, walnuts, berries and granola, then drizzle with a little honey.

Nutritional Information & Macros

Dietary Information: Vegetarian, Gluten free (if gluten-free granola is used), Contains dairy & nuts

Macros per serving

620 calories
42g fat
43g carbs
27g protein


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