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The PHAT Workout: Build Mass & Strength


The PHAT Workout: Build Mass & Strength

The PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) Training Program

The PHAT workout routine was designed by Layne Norton, PhD; who is a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter. The PHAT program combines both powerlifting and bodybuilding routine into a single training program. Although powerlifters and bodybuilders use different reps and weight schemes to reach their respective goals, Layne Norton’s program focuses has put together a training system balances the demands of both, so you can both sculpt and build strength.

The Goals of the PHAT Workout Routine

Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training (PHAT) combines both bodybuilding and powerlifting techniques to give you the best of which both have to offer. The goal of PHAT workouts is to gain both mass and strength. Bodybuilders utilize lower weights, higher reps and shorter rest times to help build muscle. Powerlifters use heavier weights, lower reps and longer rest times.

 ushPower and Mass Workouts

Two workouts during the week will be dedicated to building power. After a rest day, the next three workouts are spent building muscle. The workouts are tough, but you have a mental and physical mix-up that keeps you from over training during each week. Your hypertrophy days and power workouts will support new mass and increased strength, the foundations for progressive overloads.

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Benefits of the PHAT Workout:

Increase overall strength
Stimulate hypertrophy (muscle building)
Improve overall strength and conditioning
Foundation for strength and Fitness

How the PHAT Routine Works

The training system takes draws from the “strengths” of both types of training that leads to progressive overload. The PHAT Workout Routine can help powerlifters build more mass and to break plateau. For bodybuilders, the goal is it add strength in order to pack on muscle mass. A great mix up with another workout every 12 weeks or so is the Push Pull Legs (PPL) Split.  It adds one more day, but can still be used as a 5-day as well.

Day 1Upper Power

ExerciseSets x Reps

Bench Press3 x 3-5

Weighted Pull Ups2 x 6-10

Horizontal Row2 x 6-10

Weighted Dips2 x 6-10

Pendlay Rows3 x 3-5

Dumbbell Shoulder Press3 x 6-10

Cambered Bar Curls3 x 6-10

Dumbbell Skull Crushers3 x 6-10

Day 2Lower Power

ExerciseSets x Reps

Squats3 x 3-5

Hack Squats2 x 6-10

Leg Extensions2 x 6-10

Stiff Legged Deadlifts3 x 5-8

Leg Curls2 x 6-10

Standing Calf Raise3 x 6-10

Seated Calf Raise2 x 6-10

Day 4Back & Shoulders Hypertrophy

ExerciseSets x Reps

Pendlay Rows6 x 3

Horizontal Row3 x 8-12

Seated Cable Row3 x 8-12

Braced Dumbbell Rows2 x 12-15

Close Grip Pulldowns2 x 6-10

Dumbbell Shoulder Press3 x 8-12

Upright Rows2 x 12-15

DB Side Lateral Raises3 x 12-20

Day 5Legs Hypertrophy

ExerciseSets x Reps

6 x 3

Leg Press3 x 12-20

Leg Extensions3 x 12-15

Romanian Deadlift3 x 8-12

Lying Leg Curls2 x 12-15

Seated Leg Curls2 x 12-15

Donkey Calf Raises4 x 12-15

Seated Calf Raises3 x 12-20

Day 6Chest & Arms Hypertrophy

ExerciseSets x Reps

Dumbbell Press6 x 3

Incline Dumbbell Press3 x 8-12

Incline Chest Press3 x 12-15

Incline Cable Flys2 x 15-20

Preacher Curls3 x 8-12

DB Concentration Curls2 x 12-15

Spider Curls2 x 15-20

Cambered Bar Tricep Extension3 x 8-12

Cable Press downs w/ Rope
2 x 12-15

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